It always seems to come round fast, the end of the season. We now have several months of wind, rain and cold to look forward to.

Before looking forward to the training plan and next years events, I always like to take a little time to reflect on what I did, don’t worry I am not going to bore you all with a run down of the year. However, in brief I have had great fun on sportives, enjoyed some racing and also getting back to the time trials.

I enjoyed another time trial on a race track this year, not quite Silverstone of last year, but Thruxton was great fun. I entered into the RTTC National TT, 5 laps of the circuit, just about 11.5 miles. The aim was 30 minutes or just under. The weather was dry, but the wind was not very helpful around the back of the circuit, where the lumps are! It got worse each lap, several riders could be heard saying the same at the end. Nonetheless I put in a respectable time of 28 minutes 36 seconds, finishing around the middle of the pack, 159th of 297.

It was nice to finish the season on a reasonable note and potentially the last blast on my TT bike as it currently stands. More to come on that over the winter period.

A few pictures:

Rttc National Champs Closed Circuit – 15.10.17 –

Rttc National Champs Closed Circuit – 15.10.17 –

So now there is a little time to chill out and just ride, before the training starts in earnest on getting faster still for next years TT’s. I have already booked one event for next year, but that doesn’t happen until June. I am really looking forward to it and will be riding again with Ian Hayden. The next thing I need to do is plan out next years Time Trial events and what VTTA standards I will be aiming at.

So I guess that is it mostly it for the year now, all that is left now is to see what miles I end up with. So far I have managed to exceed my annual target of 4,500 miles and was happy to pass 6,000 miles on Rocket, not bad considering I only ride him in the spring/summer.

Thanks for reading my blogs this year, I suspect I will post and end of year assessment and look forward to 2018.